Signs That Acne Leave On Skin

Different things have participated in knowing if suffering from acne. Acne like other affections and diseases have signs and symptoms. There are certain typical features of acne. These features include increased oil-sebum secretion, comedones, papules, pustules, large papules, and even scars. How acne appears on skin varies with skin color. This is something that could result in psychological and social problems. One sign of acne is scars. Acne is known to be a result of inflammation within dermis that acne has brought to the skin. Acne scars are generally created by wounds that are trying to heal itself. This will result in too much collagen being in one position.

All physical acne scars are mostly referred to as ice pick scars. The reason is that scars is causing indentation on the skin. There is a medical condition known as atrophia maculosa varioliformis cutis. This is the condition that also usually results in acne-like depressed scars on the face. There are different types of scars that acne leaves behind. One scar is the ice pick scars. This scar is known as deep pits, and are common and even among most classic sign that acne have leave the scars behind. Another scar is box car scars. This is an angular scars that seems to always occur on the temple and cheeks. This type of scars are different. They can either be superficial or deep. These scars are different, so they can either be superficial or deep, and most are very similar to chickenpox scars. This can help you more on treating acne.

There is another scars. This is the rolling scars. These scars always give the skin a wave-alike appearance. An appearance that most people does not like. Another scars is hypertrophic scars, these are thickened, or keloid scars. There is one more scars, which is pigmented scars. Pigmented scars are very usual to be the result of nodular or cystic acne. This is the painful pumps that lies under the skin. This often leave behind an inflamed red mark. It is possible to avoid pigmentation scars. However, it is if the person suffering from it avoid aggravation of the nodule or cyst. All pigmentation scars can almost completely fade away with time. But how long it takes for the scars to fade away stands between three months and two years. It can even last for indefinitely, if you fail to treat it. The scars that acne leaves behind affect individual when it comes to appearance.